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San Marino - Piqued Jacks - Like An Animal

piq from Piqued Jacks instagram
Like An Animal
by Italian rock band Piqued Jacks is the song for San Marino. The song won the Una Voce per San Marino.
The song is written by the band themselves. It hasn't been released yet but here's the Una Voce clip.

You'll have to wait until April 5 for the studio version to be released.

Piqued Jacks are E-King, Majic-o. littleladle and HolyHargot. The band formed in 2006 and have released four albums since 2015.

release image from Piqued Jacks Facebook

Links and sources:
Piqued Jacks Website, FB, InstaShop
Una Voce per San Marino at ESC History
Una Voce per San Marino: Website.

Friday, March 24, 2023

The latest at the Liverpool Collection

Welcome to Ліверпуль, home of Eurovision 2023. 37 countries will Come Together for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.
Ukraine won the 2022 Torino contest but with them not being able to host the EBU (Big Giant Head of Eurovision) chose the country closest alphabetically. 

At the Liverpool Collection we will be following all the artists and their songs, releases (physical and digital), versions, promo info and unmissable trivia like charts, discographies, some preselection goings-on and useful links for listening and shopping.

Of course we're Under Construction all the time, on our way to make it pretty and all that.
Mega thanks to Rick!, can't do it without you. 

Updated pages at the top:
Ireland - Fab-ish four: Wild Youth revamp out now, Acoustic version
Israel - Noa Kirel reveals Unicorn and it's remixed as well.
Georgia - Candy girl to Liverpool, ool, oolool, 
Armenia - Brunettes have more fun, Future Lover lyrics issue
Let's get physical: Winners on Vinyl, UK cds, Australia 7"s, Official 2CD/3LP dates
Latvia - Lights on for Aijā, remix out now, and another one
Australia: Voyager travels to Liverpool, Vinyl singles pre-order
Azerbaijan - Twiins! tell us more, today 
Greece - They say Victor Vernicos to Liverpool, we have a song.
Portugal: FdC CD out now, Ai, Portugal "hearts" Mimicat. 
Sweden - Melodifestivalen 2CD out now, Loreen nailed it!
Germany - My sweet lord!, Germany Rawks! More Blood & More Glitter, much more...
Albania - Love Me Duje, Albina takes the family to Liverpool, Revamped
United Kingdom - Mae Muller wrote a song, cdsingle.
Magical History Tour - The other Collections and more stuff
Ukraine - Heart Of Steel - TVORCHI, new version for ESC out now
Austria - Starmania friends Teya & Salena. And the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe. Out Now
Switzerland: Happiness is a warm Watergun: Remo Forrer
Denmark - 10.000.000 tiktokkies can't be wrong, tweeked version.
Moldova - Here comes the sun. And the moon. Hello Pasha!
Serbia - Luke Black is just sleepy
Iceland - Power to Diljá
Malta - Having a party with The Busker, single out now
Italy - A Beginning: Marco Mengoni gets a second trip to Eurovision, Sanremo releases updated 10-3.
Cyprus - Andrew Lambrou has a song
Lithuania - This Time it's Monika solo, I'm Sorry, updated version.
Croatia - NSFW, No Mama, No CD but Yes remix.
The Netherlands - Mia Nicolaï & Dion Cooper out now
Poland: She's going solo: Blanka
San Marino: Piqued Jacks
Finland: Strictly Käärijä
France  - La Zarra, Obviously
Estonia - Crossing Bridges with Alika
Romania - Theodor's fingers to Eurovision, CD info
It's Czechia now - Vesna crowned winners
Norway - Alessandra Queen of MGP
Spain - Eaea! Una Paloma Blanca 
Slovenia - Joker Out seize the day
Belgium - Gustaph nailed it.

Notes: If you have something to add or correct please drop it in the comments. However, comments are moderated so it may take some time to show up.
Also, I'm not able to sit and await every new release at midnight New Zealand time, so a little patience is appreciated.
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Ireland - Wild Youth - We Are One

The band Wild Youth sings for Ireland in Liverpool.
The fab-foursome dug up the old Malmö 2013 slogan and won the six-song Irish Eurosong on February 3.
The song was written by band members Ed Porter and Conor O'Donohoe with Swedish songwriter Jörgen Elofsson. The other band members are David Wheland and Callum McAdam.

We Are One was released as a digital single on January 27. 
A new  recorded for Eurovision is revealed on March 8..
The Acoustic version was released on March 22 (even though it syas January 27 at your digitals).

All Irish Eurosong songs have been released as digital singles. One, Hawaii by Public Image Ltd. will also get a physical release as a 7"inch single. (available here, here or here.

For Jörgen Elofsson We Are One is the 2nd Eurovision entry. He wrote Dying To Try for Brendan Murray in 2017 with James Newman. But we all know and love him for giving us Agnetha Fältskog's A.

Wild Youth formed in 2017 and released their first single All Or Nothing in 2017. They released over a dozen digital singles since then. Their 2021 mini album (EP) Forever Girl was also released on Vinyl 12" (available here). The Last Goodbye EP was released as a CD-EP, both on Imperfectly Perfect Records (their own label).

We Are One - ESC version
- 8-3 reveal, 10-3 digital release
We Are One - original version
- digital release 27-1
We Are One - Acoustic
- digital release 22-3

Ireland top 100 (IRMA): 93, -

Links and sources:
Wild Youth Website, ShopFB, Linktree,
Eurosong 2023 at ESC History
Eurovision record holders Ireland may have the most wins to their name but they failed to get to the final 7 times out of the last 10 years, only Ryan Dolan and Ryan O'Shaugnessy made it. And of course we all remember Jedward and Jedward.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Georgia - Iru - Echo

Iru (Irina) Khechanovi (ირუ ხეჩანოვი) will represent Georgia in Eurovision 2023. She won her ticket to Liverpool by winning The Voice Georgia.

She's not a stranger to winning as Iru was a member of the group Candy who won the 2011 Junior Eurovision with Candy Music. Little kids grow up.
She has released a new single იდეა (Idea) in January 2023.

The Eurovision song, Echo, was revealed on March 16. Here's the video
The digital single was released March 17, but it was temporary removed from all digital sources a few days later. It came back on on March 24 and nothing appears to have changed. Oh well.


Links and sources:
Iru Khechanovi FB, Insta
On your digital music services she is known as (just) IRU except for Echo which is under Iru

Australia - Voyager - Promise

Last year's Australia Decides runner up Voyager will sing for Australia in Liverpool. Their song Promise was internally selected and revealed (and released) on February 21.

Vinyl singles (black and pink) will be pre-orderable from 17-3. Limited to 300 each.
Both singles include Dreamer on the b-side. That was their 2022 Australia Decides entry.
Pre-order here for Europe (sold out) or check this linklist.

Not the actual product yet
In 2022 Voyager ended second place in Australia Decides behind Sheldon Riley. Their song Dreamer was released as a digital single and also as a remix. 
It will also be on the Promise vinyl single editions.
In 2020 they sent in Runaway from their 2019 album Colours In The Sun but that didn't make it to Australia's final 10.

The band formed in 1999 but only singer Daniel (Danny) Estrin is one of the founding members. Voyager are now Estrin (vocals, Keytar), Simone Dow (Guitars), Scott Kay (Guitars), Ashley Doodkorte (Drums) and Alex Canion (Bass).

Promise - single version
- digital 21-2, forthcoming 7"inch vinyls
Promise - instrumental
- digital 23-3

Links and sources:
Voyager: Website, FB, Insta,  Shop
Australia's Eurovision history is short, Remember Dami Im, Guy Sebastian or Montaigne? And I'm sure you remember this:

Israel - Noa Kirel - Unicorn

One of the earliest announcements for Liverpool was Noa Kirel (
נועה קירל) who will sing for Israel.
Her song Unicorn was revealed on March 8, here's the video. 
A remix was released on March 20.
The song is written by Doron Medalie, May Sfadia, Yinon Yahel and Noa Kirel herself.
Unicorn is sung in English with two lines in Hebrew added for good measure.

digital single image, remixed
Noa has been releasing songs since she was 14. Since 2017 several of her songs, in Hebrew as well as English,  have charted in various Israeli charts.
Her 15 minutes of international fame started when she wore an outfit at the EMA awards (2022) with Kanye's (or Ye, or Yesus or whatever his name is) face all over it to make a statement against his antisemitism. Not everyone got it so she had some explaining to do. Let's hope she can make it past those 15 minutes with her Eurovision adventure.

Doron Medalie is a seasoned Eurovision composer. He wrote or co-wrote the Israeli entries of 2015, 2016, 2018 winner Toy and 2020 never happened entry Feker Libi.
Yinon Yahel co-wrote the 2015 entry Golden Boy (with Medalie).
Noa Kirel's single is Gone.

Unicorn - single version
- digital 8-3
Unicorn - Sagi Kariv & Itay Galo remix
- digital 20-3
Oddly Deezer has a version which appears to be taken from the video off Eurovision.tv, including the heartbeats at the start.

Links and sources:
Noa Kirel Website, FB, Insta, Shop

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Armenia - Brunette - Future Lover

digital single image

Brunette is the singer for Armenia. Her song Future Lover was revealed on March 15. Here is the video.
The song is sung in English with a small part in Armenian at the end.
There is a problem with the lyrics, a part of them are an exact copy of an older quote (2013?) published on tumblr and other social media. (here).
It's not unusual to have quotes in a Eurovision song but I guess in this case it would require a songwriting credit.
Let's wait and see what happens.

The song was released on March 20 through the digital shops and streamers. (see comments, thanks Ben)

Brunette (real name Elen Yeremyan,  Էլեն Երեմյան) has been releasing several singles since 2014. Bac Kapuyt Achqerd (in Armenian) is the latest.

Links and sources:
Brunette Insta
Remember Rosa Linn? She's still in the charts you know.

San Marino - Piqued Jacks - Like An Animal

piq from Piqued Jacks instagram Like An Animal by Italian rock band Piqued Jacks is the song for San Marino. The song won the Una Voce per ...